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Crasqi was born from our passion for the beach life.

Launched in Miami in 2012 and now operating out of Tulum, Crasqi is not just a swimwear brand - it’s an ethos: we are all about enjoying an active and adventurous lifestyle to the fullest, while effortlessly looking our best.

We design every last detail of our shorts to ensure that they’re like a second skin in the water - a skin that lets you move freely and look your best wherever you go.

Let us take you with us on our journey - we’ve got new collections coming soon, new destinations to be discovered and tempting promotions you won’t want to miss!



We’re two Venezuelan sisters whose love for the sun, sea and sand was born during long summers spent on the Caribbean coast. It was on the white beaches of the Archipielago of Los Roques where this passion became a purpose and a project: Crasqi.

Our eureka moment happened when we realized that, all around the world, men’s swimwear is too often unflattering. Crasqi’s mission is to produce high quality, comfortable, gorgeously designed, limited edition and long-lasting shorts that will make the wearer look and feel his best, no matter which waters he swims in! 

We began this journey in Miami back in 2012, before moving to the tropical paradise of Tulum from where we currently run Crasqi. Our brand is under constant evolution as we discover new destinations from where we get our inspiration for new collections: follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned about everything Crasqi. See you by the sea! 


Our shorts are designed with comfort, quality and sharp looks in mind. Everything from prints to fit is designed by Crasqi Sisters in Tulum, who make sure that they’re the perfect length, perfect cut and always flattering. Limited editions are produced responsibly in Colombia, using the finest quick-drying materials and the highest quality construction to ensure that each pair passes our harsh quality control tests.

At Crasqi we’re firm believers in inner beauty, which is why having a good liner in our trunks is so important. Our hypoallergenic, strong seamed insides have been getting us compliments since Crasqi was born, and we don’t mind admitting we’re very proud of them!

Our love of quality, attention to detail and passion for color have helped us create a product that will have you feeling and looking real damn good the next time you take a dip, whether it’s in open waters or your local pool! You can thank us later (or now - whatever works for you). 


Our collections take inspiration from travelling to new places, enjoying fresh experiences and meeting awesome people. What can we say? Whenever our minds start to wander, we grab ourselves a suitcase and swimming trunks and sail on back to memories of our most recent trip.

Our current collection is inspired by the extensive time we've spent in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. We wanted to channel the geometric patterns and bold colors of traditional Mexican textiles into our shorts, and so our bright patterns were born.

No matter where in the world we go, the Yucatán will always be with us.