$ 25.00 USD

Our bracelets are made in El Cuyo (Mexico) where Crasqi has committed to leaving a positive footprint by providing job opportunities for women in the community.

Through each bracelet you're helping us to improve the quality of life of these women and their families. 

 - Includes: 3 bracelets 

- Stretch them out to make them bigger by simply pulling on the two side-knots

Here’s how to wear them:

  • Be GENEROUS: share them with others
  • Be BOLD: keep them all for yourself
  • Be CONSISTENT: wear them all the time
  • Be FICKLE: change them every day
  • Be TRADITIONAL: wear only one
  • Be ADVENTUROUS: wear two, three, ten, whatever makes you happy
  • Be ACCOMMODATING: stretch them out for a better fit