Why do we love it?


Where the Jungle meets the Sea, Tulum is a very special place indeed. 

It’s hard to describe it as you can’t really compare it to any other place in the world, it's truly unique. 

From cenotes, to magical rivers, to stunning beaches, Tulum has so much to offer in terms of natural  beauty. 

It has a very unique boho-chic vibe to it, with cool & minimalistic eco-conscious hotels and  fabulous dining and shopping options everywhere. 

If you're looking for the ultimate adventure, Tulum is the place for you and your crew. Or if you prefer to explore the spiritual side of Tulum, you can enjoy some yoga, sound healing, temazcal ceremonies with pretty much some of the best healers in the World.  

Spoiler alert: Tulum is one of those places that invites you to stay, so you’re better off getting a one-way ticket because you will have to change the return date anyways  (guaranteed). You might also decide to leave everything behind and move to paradise. It happened to us! Don't say we didn't warn you!

FIRST THINGS FIRSTHow to get there?


  1. Fly into Cancun Airport from over 200 cities in the World 
  2. Rent a car or book a taxi in advance
  3. Drive 1.5 hours south to Tulum

THE CREW - Who is in?

Tulum is a good place for: 

  • Adventure seekers who like to explore the World 
  • Holistic souls looking for the ultimate healing experience 
  • Nature lovers who wish to connect with nature
  • Couples looking to spend real quality time in paradise
    HOTELS - Where to stay? 


    • Habitas
    • Nomade
    • Be Tulum
    • La Valise 
    • Posada  Margherita 

    DINING - What to eat/drink?


    • Delek  (Acai Bowl)
    • Italdo (Mozzarella Focaccia)
    • Botanica Garden ( Rancheros Eggs)
    • MatchaMama (Mango Tango)
    • Del Cielo (Banana Nutty Milkshake)
    • Alegria (Aguacate Toast)


    • Habitas (Fresh Fish Tacos)
    • Posada Margherita (Fresh grilled shrimps)
    • Muare ( Huitlacoche Rissottoo)
    • Panamera (Fish Tacos)
    • Los Aguachiles (Tuna Tostadas )
    • Negro Huitlacoxe ( Birrias Taco)
    • Acqua & Farina (Pumpkin Flowers)
    • Quinto ( Fried Fish)
    • ...for dessert try Campanella (Pineapple and Basil ice cream)


    • Asian Bodega (Crab Fried Rice)
    • Nu (Black Mole Duck)
    • Mezzanine (Chicken Pad Thai)
    • Mezze (Kleftiko)
    • Casa Banana (Lamb Risotto)
    • Wilde (Al Pastor Gyoza)
    • Pasha (Beetroot Explotion)
    • Mestiza (Soft Shell Crab)

    EXPERIENCES - What to do?

    • Visit any of the CRASQI shops in Tulum Aldea Zama 

    • Tulum Ruins
    • Coba Ruins
    • Vesica Tulum Cenote Club
    • Holistika Art Walk
    • Ik Lab by Azulik at Uh May
    • Mardeleva concert at Habitats



      • Kayak tour through Sian Ka'an Natural Reserve
      • Cave diving at El Pit
      • Muyil Boat Ride to the "Magical River"
      • Sunset at Delek tower
      • Paddle Yoga at Kaan Luum or Nopalitos



      Cenotes are a natural phenomenon unique to the Yucatán peninsula. There are thousands of cenotes all over the region, many of which can be found in Tulum. It's waters are sacred to the Mayans, no wonder why when you swim in these waters you'll feel some instant healing. If you're in TULUM, you must visit at least 3 cenotes, we recommend:

      • Corazón 
      • Cristal 
      • Escondido
      • Gran Cenote 
      • Casa Cenote


      Visit any of our suggested places for therapies and more:

      • Yaan Spa
      • Habitas 
      • Ikal
      • Holistika
      • Sanará
      • Alaya
      • Mayan Clay

      Some of our preferred healing therapies are:

      • Kundalini Yoga
      • Cacao Ceremony
      • Temazcal 
      • Fork tuning
      • Grounding
      • Sound healing 
      • Breathwork
      • Reiki
      • Massage
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      Adventure Awaits!
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