Why we love it?


If you're looking for a paradise to escape from the world and enjoy miles and miles of white sand beaches and shallow transparent water, Holbox has to be on your bucket list!

Our favorite part: the chill factor. People come here to relax—not to party. And we love it that way!

To live the whole experience we recommend: leave your watch at home, same with your phone and shoes. All you need is just you and your Crasqi shorts!

FIRST THINGS FIRST -  How do we get there?



There are two ways to get to Holbox:

  • You can travel by car to Chiquilá port and then catch the Holbox ferry across to the island
  • Or you can fly to the island by private charter from Cancun airport 


 THE CREW -  Who is in?

Holbox is a good place for: 

  • Solo travelers. Holbox is the perfect place for a solo adventure.
  • Nature lovers. You’ll find some of the most amazing natural species including whale sharks, manta rays and hundreds of species of birds.
  • Digital Detox. If you’re looking to have a relaxing vacation, Holbox is a great  place to unplug from technology and reconnect with yourself. 
  • Dog lovers (Holbox has many dog-friendly spots!)


HOTELS - Where to stay?

  • Habitas
  • Casa de las Tortugas
  • Casa Kuka
  • Casa Sandra
  • Tierra de Mar
  • Mawimbi 


DINING - What to eat/drink?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner 
Casa Tortugas (Omelette de Huitlacoche) Mojito at Casa Sandra (tacos cochinita) Tamashi Sushi
Pinapol (Best Italian Paninis) Las Panchas  (whole fried fish) Luuma
Casa Kuka


EXPERIENCES - What to do?

  • Check out the environmentally-conscious wall art 
  • Go shopping for some local finds (we recommend “La Palapa de Yepez” if you’re looking for authentic handmade crafts)

  • Rent a bike and ride towards Punta Coco
  • Spot flamingos at Isla Pájaros 
  • Kayak tour around the island 
  • Go kitesurfing to Punta Mosquito
  • Swim with the whale sharks (vipholbox.com are the best guys to take you)
  • Visit Chimay ruins and take some photos 
  • Visit Isla de la Pasión
  • Go snorkeling at Cabo Catoche 
  • Tour de las 3 Islas 
  • Cenote “Ojo de Agua” at Yalahau
  • Visit “El Refugio” (animal rescue center)
  • ...and don’t miss the sunsets, specially the one in Zomay with live music. They are dreamy!


If you go, don't forget to tag us on your pics 

Adventure Awaits!